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About Us

We create a
more resourceful world

  • to protect tomorrow’s water and power, today.
  • to turn data into intelligence—and intelligence into action.
  • to revolutionize utility operations with innovative ideas and solutions.
  • to reduce our customers' carbon footprint—and our own.
  • to ensure safety and reliability in our energy and water delivery systems.
  • Protecting the world’s resources is essential

    Itron is innovating new ways for utilities and cities to manage energy and water. As a proven global leader with customers in over 100 countries, we build innovative solutions, create new efficiencies, connect communities, encourage conservation and increase resourcefulness for our customers. Itron’s portfolio of intelligent networks, software, services, meters and sensors provide greater visibility and more control of the world’s energy and water delivery systems.

    By safeguarding our invaluable natural resources today and tomorrow, we improve the quality of life for people around the world—this is how we create a more resourceful world.


    Innovation is in our DNA

    People throughout the industry know us for delivering proven results, at scale, for decades. Leveraging our expertise and innovation, we open the door to more possibilities for energy, water and city service management with more intelligence that’s delivered in the right places, at the right time.


    Meet our team

    Itron’s executive leadership team has spent decades serving energy and water industry. Like all of us at Itron, they are committed to creating more efficient and insightful utilities, smarter cities and a more resourceful world that addresses the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow.


    Resourcefulness in action

    • 2022 ESG Report

      Explore Itron’s environmental, social and governance strategy in action.

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    • Proven Benefits Supplement

      Learn how Itron’s solutions help address the sustainability challenges of our customers.

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    • 2023 Resourcefulness Report

      The need to redefine energy management is here. But what’s keeping us from accelerating the transition to cleaner energy?

    Join Us

    Whether you’re just starting out or looking for that next big opportunity, explore our openings to find a career you’ll love and a vision we all share.

    Powering the next generation

    Solving the energy and water challenges of tomorrow will require fresh thinking and new perspectives. Those solutions will rely heavily on STEM education. That's why Itron, as a business leader and STEM employer, has worked with renowned educators to develop Resourcefulness: An Introduction to the Energy-Water Nexus.

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