消费者信息中心强调Itron的技术——当我们的公用事业客户使用时——如何使您受益, 消费者. This site also provides information on the safety, security and data privacy features of our technology.

  • Faster detection and restoration of power
  • Access to real-time consumption information
  • 更准确的电费账单
  • More reliable 交付y of electricity
  • Reduction of lost energy from theft


  • Improved safety monitoring with methane leak detection, pressure sensing and remote gas line shutoff capability
  • 更准确的燃气账单
  • Access to real-time gas consumption information

  • Reduced costs with discovery of water leaks inside the home and under the streets
  • Access to real-time water consumption information
  • More accurate water bills based on accurate consumption measurement


智能电网是现代化的, digital network that 交付s electricity more efficiently and reliably, 同时也使太阳能和电动汽车等清洁能源技术更容易采用. 智能电网设备——比如Itron的智能电表——可以在你和你的公用事业公司之间实现双向对话. 类似于互联网, 智能电网, many different devices throughout the electrical grid can talk to each other. This makes a lot of things possible.

  • 掌握你的使用情况:智能电网让你可以实时获取你的能源使用信息,这样你就可以做出明智的使用决定,更好地管理你的能源账单.
  • 体验更少的停电:升级到更智能的电网将使你的电力供应更可靠. Real-time communication can pinpoint and prevent problems even before they occur. 这意味着你的电力可以更快地恢复,如果停电或停电可以一起防止.
  • Integrate renewable energy: With the smart grid, you can generate your own power and sell it back to the grid. 智能电网技术使可再生能源能够无缝地添加到电网中,而不会中断您的服务.

Benefits of Smart 气体 and 水 Networks

类似于智能电网, smart gas and water networks are optimizing the 交付y and use of gas and water. Featuring two-way communications to the meter, 这些网络收集, 交付, manage and analyze data more frequently, enabling energy and water to be 交付ed more efficiently. 这也意味着电表读取器将不再需要进入您的财产或家中读取电表.

  • Take charge of your usage: Depending on your utility, 智能网络可以为您提供实时的燃气和水的使用信息,以便您对如何使用这些IM电竞做出明智的决定.
  • 防止失水:智能水IM电竞收集先进的数据,并使用监控设备来帮助您和您的公用事业公司定位房屋内外的泄漏, 保护这一宝贵IM电竞, 降低您的成本,有时甚至有助于防止您的财产严重损坏从漏水.
  • Ensure safety: With smart devices on the gas distribution system, gas utilities can monitor for pipe corrosion and gas leaks, 确保你的安全.
  • Receive accurate bills: With smart networks and advanced technologies, 您可以放心,您的公用事业账单是准确的,并使用实际的仪表读数生成.


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Itron has rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure the safety, accuracy and reliability of our meters. 我们遵守由包括美国国家标准协会(ANSI)在内的多个公用事业行业标准机构制定的安全标准。, 电气和电子工程师协会(IEEE)、国际电工委员会和国家电气制造商协会.

ANSI是国际标准化组织(ISO)的官方代表,为美国制定电气安全和操作标准. 由于加拿大的电力系统与美国的电力系统相互连接,加拿大的几家公用事业公司也采用了这些标准. These safety and operating standards address topics such as humidity, 雨, 电压浪涌等,以确保仪表正常运行时,在认证的操作参数.

另外, all of Itron's two-way communicating meters have received UL 2735 certification, including its OpenWay Riva CENTRON, OpenWay原子核, CENTRON Bridge and OpenWay原子核 4G LTE meters. 读到这 单页 to learn more about Itron meters and UL certification.

除了, Itron的ISO-9000质量体系在制造过程中系统地执行过程中测试,以验证制造一致性和准确性检查. The system is calibrated at least once year to ensure accuracy. 后生产, our products are subject to additional tests to prove field reliability, product lifetime performance and safety.

For additional information on the safety of our meters, read Itron's 仪表安全达标函, which details the extensive testing our meters undergo.


Itron计量产品经过一致性测试,以验证每个仪表符合客户要求和设计要求, and regulatory agency requirements (Underwriters Laboratories, ANSI, Federal Communications Commission, 等.). 除了, Itron在产品生命周期的早期就完成了广泛的可靠性测试,以证明现场可靠性和产品寿命性能.

2010年春天, in response to accuracy concerns raise by consumer advocacy groups in Texas, the accuracy of Itron's meters was tested by Navigant Consulting LLC. Navigant进行的测试和验证工作证实,Itron的智能电表能够准确可靠地向公用事业公司提供仪表数据. Of the thousands of meters examined during the test, 根据美国国家标准协会(ANSI)的标准,所有这些都是准确的. A link to the full report is available below.



安全 & 隐私

Itron的智能计量系统具有强大的安全性,以确保数据的安全. 安全 features meet or exceed current requirements for critical cyber assets, protecting all areas of the system from physical and cyber attacks, and scale to support millions of metering end devices. 我们系统的强大安全性允许公用事业公司确保其客户信息的隐私.

For more information on security, visit the Itron安全中心 page.


Itron今天在北美生产和销售的产品都不含汞. 年前, 为了环境的安全和可持续性,Itron决定停止在我们的产品中使用汞.

我们认为,有关我们的仪表和汞的错误信息源于不再生产的旧Itron产品的产品处理手册. This manual refers to Itron Encoder Receiver Transmitters (ERT), which are communication modules installed on gas, water and older mechanical electric meters. Up until 2002, these modules were manufactured with a 1.16g汞倾斜篡改开关. 本产品处理手册提供了安全环保地处理这些旧产品中的开关的说明. 此外,自2002年以来,所有ERT模块都采用无汞倾斜开关制造.

我们产品的安全性和环境保护对Itron来说非常重要, which is why our products do not contain mercury.